Welcome! 欢迎您!
Welcome to Idea Management Services Pte Ltd, your one-stop human resources solution.

Our Mission 职责

IDEAMGT aims to exceed the expectations of employers and employees by offering the most professional, honest and knowledgeable staffing solutions.

Our Goal 目标
IDEAMGT's goal is to achieve 100% ideal job match and 0% staff turnover within 2 years foreign employees’ employment contract.









Company's Profile 公司简介

Idea Management Services Pte Ltd (IDEAMGT) is approved by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) of Singapore & accredited by the Embassy of People’s Republic of China (PRC) in Singapore to recruit employees from foreign countries especially PRC for their employment in Singapore.

With decades of experience in human resources and manpower solution, IDEAMGT has successfully placed thousands of foreign employees. Being the members of the Singapore National Employer Federation (SNEF) and Restaurant Association of Singapore (RAS), our professional services have been recognized by both manufacturing and service sector organizations.

Our one-stop hassle free services inclusive of sourcing, recruitment and placement of foreign employees to companies and businesses in Singapore. Our specialization is to provide skilled / semi-skilled employees to the Manufacturing, Service and many other sectors. We keep on driving hard to be forward thinking and outstanding. As specialists in the manpower solution, we provide services to both employers and employees and help them to build up strong relationships.

IDEAMGT? 策略管理?

We view the employers’ operation premises and analyze the job scope of the vacancies

We interview candidates individually by asking them “unusual” questions

We provide training (adaptability and job related skills) for the employees

We conduct counseling and mediate when disputes arise during the employment

We advise proper personnel procedures and documentations to protect the employers’
benefits and the employees’ rights according to MOM’s guideline.

We always share our professional manpower opinion to achieve ideal match.

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